121CF Logo - Transforming Lives

We rebuild and transform the livesĀ of some of the world’s most vulnerable children.


  • We identify the greatest risks facing children, focusing on disease, trauma and disability.
  • We deliver holistic, life-changing interventions where there are crucial gaps in health-care, education and psychological services, empowering children and adolescents.
  • We invest in capacity building and training communities, partners and governments to embed proven models into local systems, creating long-term change.


  • We are entrepreneurial and daring: we were the first organisation to provide life-saving drugs to children born with HIV in Southern Africa. We were recognised in the top 100 for the Rockefeller Innovation Award for our unique Expert Patient Programme.
  • We are effective: we pilot and only role out cost-effective models that make a measurable difference.
  • We generate high impact and value for money: more than 45,000 children benefit from our programmes.
  • Our impact is sustainable: we seek to put ourselves out of business. Governments, partners and communities have adopted and are replicating are ground-breaking projects in several countries.


Find out more here: www.onetoonechildrensfund.org